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Type   university
City   Harbin Province  Heilongjiang  
Contact Person   CCESL
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E-Mail   Postcode    361009
The Number of Hiring Foreign Expert Qualification Certificate   Have
Basic Qualifications for Application
Sex   Both Age   under 60 years old  
Vacancy   1   Degree   Bachelor degree  
Specialty   unrequired   Work Experience   2 years  
Nationality   The candidates from the English native speaking countries, such as: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.  
Other Statements    
Contract Terms
Salary  5000~6500 RMB   Time to teach  1 year  
Start Date  Sep,2016   Finish Date    
Period/week  18-20 Period/W   Course  Oral English  
Students' age  University students,the age is about 18-24   Paid Holiday  1 months/year  
Apartment  welll furnished self contained apt  
International Airfare  international roundtrip   Medical
Telephone Allowance     Traveling Allowance  2200 RMB/Year  
Brief Introdution


     This University, founded in Harbin in 1948, is a key university directly under the leadership of Heilongjiang province and one of universities of Project “211”. 

    This University comprises 18 colleges and 1 EducationDepartment, covering the disciplines of Agronomy, Engineering, Science, Economics and Management. There are 3 national key disciplines, 3 key national disciplines under cultivation, 2 key disciplines under the Agricultural Ministry, 2 provincial key discipline groups,6 first-level and 29 second–level provincial key disciplines.

    This University is entitled to verify the proficiency of the professors, associate professors and PhD tutors. It has a balanced teaching staff structure and relatively high overall teaching level with 1052 full-time teachers, among which there are 192 professors and 263 associate professors, and 477 have Master’s Degree and 302 ownDoctoral Degree. Among the teachers, one is Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and one of them was awarded “HeLiangHeLi Fund” prize for progress in Science and Technology. There are 1 national outstanding teacher, 8 “Longjiang Scholars” engaged professors, 3“Longjiang Scholars” lecture professors, 13 teachers awarded Young Teacher Fund and Young Teacher Prize from “HuoYingDong Fundation”, 3 nominated teachers as experts making outstanding contributions and 161 PhD tutors.

    Undergraduate education is considered by This University as the base of the university and postgraduate education as the road to the stronger university. This Agricultural University is one of the first group of universities which were authorized to offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate three level degrees by Evaluation Committee of Acadenic Degree of the State Council. Itoffers 72 Undergraduate Programes, 65 Master Programes within 8 Master Programes at the First-Level Diciplines, 32 Doctoral Programs within 8 Doctoral Programes at theFirst Level Diciplines.The university also have 7 Post-doctoral Research Stations and 2 Post-doctoral Research centers, 1 Russian training center and 1National Science Base for Basic Scientific Research and Teaching Talent Traning under the Ministry of Education. A total of 18516 students are currently enrolled, among which15412 are undergraduates,2938 are postgraduates, 167 are international students. So far, over80,000 students graduated from This Agricultural University.

    The university is excellent in scientific research conditions and strengths with 2 national research centers, 9 provincial research centers, 16 provincial key laboratories. Up till now, over 300 research projects have been awarded by various provincial departments and national departments, among which there are 26 awards of National Prize for Natural Sciences, National Invention Prize and National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

    The university has extensive academic exchanges with foreign countries. It has drawn up cooperative exchange programs with 52 universities and colleges in Russia, Japan, Korea, America, Canada, Australia and Ireland. It is one of the first universities which established academic relations with colleges in Russia.

    The campus covers an area of 3.689 million square meters, with a total floor space of over 826.4 thousand square meters. Teaching and research equipment value RMB 236 million . The library has a collection of over 1.6929 million volumes, among which there are 659.9 thousand electronic books. Education started in 2000 with the permission of the Education Ministry and This University is the only local university of the first 31 Long-distance Education pilots all over the nation.

    This University publishes many journals such as This University Journal (Natural Science version) (Social Science version) (English edition), China Potatoes, Fodder Readings, Dairy Industry of China, Dairy and Human, Research on Fishing Economics and Soybean Technology.
    This  University is striving to be an international well known and first-level of the same kind university in China and a multi-disciplinary, researching and teaching and open university with the characteristics of modern agriculture of theNorth China.


The Sample Contract

Sample Contract
1. Party A This University  wishes to engaged the service of party B        as English teacher. The two parties, in a spirit of friendly cooperation, agree to sign this contract and pledge to fulfill conscientiously all the obligations stipulated in it.
2. The period of service will be from March 1, 2010 to January 25th, 2011.
3. The duties of Party B
Party B will be expected to teach 18 periods (approximately 45 minutes each) per week, including a selection of:
1). Undergraduate students
2). Graduate students (non-English major students)
3). Doctorate students (non-English major students)
4). Chinese English teachers
5). English club
6). Lecture on native country
7) Training program for Children
8).Any additional work will be assigned after mutual consultation and agreement.
4.  Party B’s monthly salary will be 4800 yuan RMB. (4000 yuan RMB can be 70% converted into US dollars without tax.)
5.  Party B enjoy free lodging, that is an apartment with two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom (shower only). The apartment has necessary furniture including a T. V., a clothes washing machine, a refrigerator, a bookshelf, a desk, a wardrobe, a table for dinner, etc.
6.  Party A’s Obligations
1) Party A shall introduce to Party B the laws, decrees and relevant regulations enacted by the Chinese government, the Party A’s work system and regulations concerning administration of foreign experts.
2) Party A shall conduct direction, supervision and evaluation of Party B’s work.
3) Party A shall provide Party B necessary working and living conditions.
4) Party A shall provide co-workers.
5) Party A shall pay Party B’s salary regularly by the month.
6)Party A shall provide Party B with one month paid vacation(4000Yuan RMB in August,2010).
7. Party B’s Obligations
1) Party B shall observe the laws, decrees and relevant regulations enacted by the Chinese government and shall not interfere in China’s internal affairs.
2) Party B shall observe Party A’s work system and regulations concerning administration of foreign experts and shall accept Party A’s arrangement, direction, supervision and evaluation in regard to his/her work. Without Party A’s consent, Party B shall not render service elsewhere or hold concurrently any post unrelated to the work agreed on with Party A.
3) Party B shall complete the tasks agreed on schedule and guarantee the quality of work.
4) Party B shall respect China’s religious policy, and shall not conduct religious activities incompatible with the status of an expert.
5). Party B shall respect the Chinese people’s moral standards and customs.
8. Revision, Cancellation and Termination of the Contract
1) Both parties should abide by the contract and should refrain from revising, canceling, or terminating the contract without mutual consent.
2) The contract can be revised, canceled, or terminated with mutual consent. Before both parties have reached an agreement, the contract should be strictly observed.
3) Party A has the right to cancel the contract with a written notice to Party B under the following conditions:
a. Party B does not fulfill the contract or does not fulfill the contract obligations according to the terms stipulated, and has failed to amend after Party A has pointed it out.
b. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Party B cannot resume normal work after a continued 30 day sick leave.
4) Party B has the right to cancel the contract with a written notice to Party A under the following conditions:
a. Party A has not provided Party B with necessary working and living conditions as stipulated in the contract.
b. Party A has not paid Party B as scheduled.
9. Breach Penalty
When either of the two parties fails to fulfill the contract or fails to fulfill the contract obligations according to the terms stipulated, that is, breaks the contract, it must pay a breach penalty of US$500 (or the equivalent in RMB).
If Party B asks to cancel the contract due to events beyond control, it should produce certifications by the department concerned, obtain Party A’s consent, and pay its own return expenses; if Party B cancels the contract without valid reason, it should pay its own return expenses and pay a breach penalty to Party A.
If Party A asks to cancels the contract due to events beyond control, with the consent of Party B, it should pay Party B’s return expenses; if Party A cancels the contract without valid reason, it should pay Party B’s return expenses and pay a breach penalty to Party B.
10. The appendix of this contract is an inseparable part of the contract and has equal effect.
11. This contract takes effect on the date signed by both parties and will automatically expire when the contract ends. If either of the two parties asks for a new contract, it should forward its request to another party 90 days prior to the expiration of the contract, and sign the new contract with mutual consent.     
Party B shall bear all expenses incurred when staying on after the contract expires.
12. Arbitration
The two parties shall consult with each other and mediate any disputes which may arise about the contract. If all attempts fail, the two parties can appeal to the organization of arbitration for foreign experts affairs in the State Bureau of Foreign Experts and ask for a final arbitration.
This Contract is signed at Harbin, in duplicate, this December,2006 in English。

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