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School's ID   No.120 Views   90011910
Type   university
City   Xinzheng Province  Henan  
Contact Person   CCESL
Tel No.    0086-592-5934105 Fax No.   0086-592-5934105  
E-Mail   Postcode    361009
The Number of Hiring Foreign Expert Qualification Certificate   have
Basic Qualifications for Application
Sex   Both Age   under 60 years old  
Vacancy   4   Degree   Bachelor degree  
Specialty   unrequired   Work Experience   2 years  
Nationality   USA,Britain, Canada,Australia,Ireland and New Zealand
prefer single teachers or a couple both can teach.
Other Statements   Male teacher aged35-58 years old

successful recommendation: Roy &Kay Hitchcock,Peter Griffin,William Bexfield,John Fowler
Contract Terms
Salary  8000~8000 RMB   Time to teach  1 year  
Start Date  Sep.2016   Finish Date    
Period/week  16 classes per week(50mins) Period/W   Course  Oral English  
Students' age  College students,the age is about 18-22   Paid Holiday  1 months/year  
Apartment  free and nice,well-furnished,with free internet access.  
International Airfare  international roundtrip   Medical
 Accident insurance provided for free  
Telephone Allowance   1000rmb/y   Traveling Allowance  2000 RMB/Year 1000rmb/y for transport fee, 100rmb/m for utiilities  
 8000rmb for 16classes per week
,if you renew the contract for a second year, you'll also get summer holidays two months full paid.
Brief Introdution



The Sample Contract


Party A:
Party B :
   Upon agreement, by Party A & Party B. We add this appendix to the contract.
1.The average working hours for Party B are 12 hours per week, in general. The extra teaching will be paid 100 RMB per hour.And the exact time will be scheduled by Party A.
2.Party B shall obey the relevant regulations enacted by Party A and complete all the tasks agreed to on schedule. On this condition, Party A will pay Party B 2000 RMB for domestic travel cost and 1000 RMB for domestic transportation cost per year,1000 RMB for phone cost per year.100 RMB for water and power cost per month. Other extra costs will belong to Party B alone. Half of the total payment of the above will be given prior to the summer recess.
3.Upon signing the contract, Party A will provide Party B with a roundtrip airline ticket from Zhengzhou to (which country)and (which country) back to Zhengzhou or the same amount cash(in RMB) (not including the accommodation and transportation cost). Only after the contract has been fulfilled for one year, Party A will provide Party B with a ticket to the final determination (homeland) or the same amount cash(in RMB), including assisting Party B in preparing the necessary documents prior to travel out of China.
4.For Party B who has fulfilled the contract for one year and has one child under the age of 12 to live together, Party A will provide round trip economy air ticket.
5.If Party B doesnot accept the apartment offered by Party A and rents the apartment outside voluntarily, Party A has no obligation to deal with any trouble caused by the rent .
6.Party A will not be responsible if Party B is injured by some accidents in the activities that are not organized by Party A.
7.If Party B is injured in Party A’s legally organized activities, Party A will deal with it according to related regulations in China.
8.The appendix of this contract is part of the contract & equally valid.
1.    This contract takes effect on the date signed by both parties and will automatically terminate when the contract expires. And no relationship exists between Party A & Party B.
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