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Type   university
City   wanzhou Province  Chongqing  
Contact Person   CCESL
Tel No.    0086-592-5934105 Fax No.   0086-592-5934105  
E-Mail   Postcode    361009
The Number of Hiring Foreign Expert Qualification Certificate   yes
Basic Qualifications for Application
Sex   Both Age   20-55  
Vacancy   3   Degree   Bachelor degree  
Specialty     Work Experience   2 years  
Nationality   Native English speakers from the US,UK,Canada,Australia,and New zealand  
Other Statements   Site: Wanzhou, Chongqing Municipality, China
Vacancy: 3
Language: native English
Valid date: long-term
Work description: English teaching guide in attached middle school, giving sample classes, attending seminars and workshops.
Work time: No more than 18 hours per week with paid overworking time if necessary.
Work aim: To broaden the students’ vision and boost the international atmosphere in the school.
Qualification: Native English speakers with at least B.A. or B.S. degree, teaching experiences or TESOL/TESL certificates.
Salary and allowances:
1) A ten-month contract with RMB6000 to RMB10000 per month according to the candidates’ qualification.
2) A round flight in a ten-month contract.
3) Physical examination fee, residence fee, working day lunch or payment for it, working day traffic fee.
4) Apartment with necessary facilities, furniture, and electrical appliances.
5) 400RMB per month for water, electricity and gas.
6) Free internet package.
7) 400RMB free outpatient medical service per year in the assigned hospitals in the contract period.
8) Insurance.
Contract Terms
Salary  6000~10000 RMB   Time to teach  1year  
Start Date  ASAP   Finish Date    
Period/week  18 Period/W   Course  oral english , writing,listening  
Students' age  middle/high school/college,the age is about 18-22   Paid Holiday   months/year  
Apartment  free and nice,well-furnished  
International Airfare  international roundtrip   Medical
Telephone Allowance     Traveling Allowance  2000 RMB/Year  
Brief Introdution




The Sample Contract



Party A  wishes to engage the service of Party B _______ (Passport No. ___________) as a foreigner teacher of __________. The two parties, based on a spirit friendly cooperation, agree to sign this appendix and pledge to fulfill conscientiously all the obligations stipulated in it.


I. Work Task

1. Party B shall take on the job as a language teacher, working for 14 class hours per week.

2. Party B shall take part in the other concerned teaching activities organized by Party A, no less than 4 class hours per week.


II. Probationary Period

Party A shall take Party B a three-month’s probation at first. The contract will be terminated if Party B is proved to be incompetent for the work in the probationary period.


III. Salary

1. Referred by the regulation for the rate of pay in Party A, Party B’s monthly salary will be   4500    yuan RMB according to Party B’s teacher category and class hours. While in the summer and winter vacation, the monthly salary will be 3000  yuan RMB.

2. The salary will be paid monthly by RMB on the last day of each month.

3. On the premise of that the teaching is not affected, if Party B needs to leave before the contract is expired, Party B is paid according to the exact days of his/her days being at work in the month, and then the contract will be automatically canceled.


IV. Allowance

1. Party A shall offer insurance for Party B in the contract period.

2. Party B can have Chinese holidays,  Christmas  and the university winter and summer vacations.

3. A 2000RMB’s domestic travel can be reimbursed by handing in the tickets once a year. While for the ones who work in the university one or more than one year, the cost of a one-way travel (only from the country where they live to China) can be reimbursed once a year as well when Party B is certificated to be competent for the work after the 3-month’s probation.

4. Party A provides Party B the following allowances of housing, water, electricity, gas and telephone: a free apartment with necessary furniture, electrical appliances and facilities for every employee/family, free-internet, 4 tons water free for every employee per month, 200KWH electricity and 10 cube meters gas free per month for every employee. The overspent will be paid by Party B. Free 50RMB intra-city (Wanzhou City) telephone calls (including the rent of telephone number ) per month, while Party B is required to pay for the inter-city (Chongqing Municipality) , long-distance telephone calls (IDD calls and national long-distance calls) as well as the overspent of intra-city fee.

5. In the contract period, Party B can get 300RMB free outpatient medical service per year in the assigned hospitals. The fee of register, teeth-inserting and clearing, face-lifting, massage, spectacles, meals in hospital, medical tonics, medical treatment to years-lasted chronic diseases, doctor’s home visit as well as the ones of medical treatment in the non-assigned hospitals would be paid by the employees themselves.


V. Party B takes the responsibility to pay for the following cost:

1. Cost for physical examination, visa application, luggage and meals.

2. The overspent of telephone calls, water, electricity and gas (by deducting from the salary).

3. The overspent of medical treatment and the medical cost in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and outboard of China.


VI. The Using and Management of Apartment and Facilities

1. An apartment equipped with necessary facilities such as furniture, bedding, telephone, campus internet, refrigerator, gas stove, microwave oven, and hot water heater etc. is offered to Party B. All of those things need to be returned to Party A in good condition before Party B leaves the university.

2. Party B is required to hand a deposit as the rate of 100yuan RMB per key. The deposit would be returned to Party B when Party B returns all the keys to Party A. Without negotiation with Party A, the keys must not be given to a third party or be copied. Otherwise Party B should take all the responsibilities for the property loses caused by the reasons mentioned above.

3. All the equipments in the apartment need good care and proper using. If they are damaged by miss-using, they should be compensated according to the cost.

4. Economize on water, electricity and gas. Guard against fire. The air conditioner, television, hairdryer, electric iron, lights, microwave oven and other electrical appliances should be powered off whenever Party B is leaving out. All the electrical appliances’ plugs should be off the sockets when the family goes out for holidays or travels. Party B would take the responsibility of all the accidents caused by the reasons mentioned above.


VII. Sick Leave and Compassionate Leave

1. Party B could ask for a sick leave when gets the medical testimonial. The salary (in summer and winter vacation salarary standard) can be paid as usual if it is less than 15 days, while 50% of the salary (in summer and winter vacation salarary standard) can be paid if it is 15days to 30 days.

2. Party B could have a leave of absence to attend to private affairs when gets the permission from Party A. The salary would be deducted by the days of absence.


VIII. Party A has the right to cancel the contract with a written notice to Party B in any of the following cases:

1. Party B is examined out to have the disease that doesn’t fit to work in China by the Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China.

2. Party B is not granted the resident permission in 7days after signing this contract.

3. Party B is proved to be incompetent for the work in the probationary period.

4. Party B violates Chinese laws.

5. According to the doctor’s diagnosis from the appointed hospital, Party B cannot resume normal work after a continued 30-day sick leave.

6. Party B is accumulated absent from work for more than a week in 6 months.


IX. Party B has the right to cancel the contract with a written notice to Party A in any of the following cases:

1. Party A has not provided Party B with necessary working and living conditions as stipulated in the contract.

2. Party A has not paid Party B as scheduled.

3. Some other acceptable reasons stated by Party B.


This appendix of supplementary contract, an inseparable part of No. _________ standard contract, is signed at _________, in duplicate, this _____day of _____, ______year, in the Chinese and English language, both texts being equally authentic.


Party A                           Party B

(Signature)                       (Signature)


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