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Type   college
City   Changsha Province  Hunan  
Contact Person   CCESL
Tel No.    0086-592-5934105 Fax No.   0086-592-5934105  
E-Mail   Postcode    361009
The Number of Hiring Foreign Expert Qualification Certificate   Yes
Basic Qualifications for Application
Sex   Both Age   unrequired  
Vacancy   1   Degree   Bachelor degree  
Specialty   unrequired   Work Experience   2 years  
Nationality   The candidates from the English native speaking countries, such as: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.  
Other Statements   If you are a new graduate from the college or university without the teaching experience, we need the copies TESOL or TEFL certificate to successfully apply the Z visa for you.

Successful recommendation: Alex Mills,Brandon Fike,Steven Wilkinson,Angela Kruszynska,Michael Theis,Laurence Mcknight
Contract Terms
Salary  6000~7000 RMB   Time to teach  1 year or 2 years  
Start Date  Sep. 2016   Finish Date    
Period/week  18 Period/W   Course  oral English  
Students' age  college students,the age is about 19-25   Paid Holiday  1 months/year  
Apartment  Free and well furnished apartment with two bedrooms and one sitting room  
International Airfare  international roundtrip   Medical
 Free service and nursing and medical care less tha  
Telephone Allowance   100 RMB/month   Traveling Allowance  2200 RMB/Year  
 students are all young ,energetic and full of creation and humor.
they are looking forward to interacting with you for the more vivid english learning method.
Nothing here is impossible, I hope you will enjoy the challenge.
Free international roundtrip or 8000 in cash, free and well furnished apt with two bedrooms and one sitting room, the LCD pc provided with free internet,18 teaching hours(45 mins for each),
Brief Introdution

Brief introduction to HUNL

HUNL is a full-time higher polytechnic educational institution. Beginning as a secondary electronic technical school in 1978, our college was approved and promoted to a three-year diploma vocational technical college by the national Ministry of Education and the local Government of Hunan Province in 1999.
Our college has three campuses including the Eastern Campus, which is in the centre of Changsha City focusing on continuing education, the Western Campus, also the main campus, which is located in Wangcheng County about 20 km west of Changsha City, and the Southern Campus, a newly-built one, which is about 200 meters south of the main campus. Totally, our college covers an area of 35 acres. And its building, including teaching buildings, flats, student’s apartments, libraries, lab buildings, living and sports facility, add up to about 100,000 square meters.
We have four departments: the Department of Telecom Engineering, the Department of Mechanism & Automatization, the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Economics Management, all of which offer 15 degree programs including Management Information System(MIS), E-Commerce, Business English, Applied Electronic Technology, Computing & Network Technology, Numerical Control Technology, etc. There are now over 10,000 students, most of whom are full-time degree students, taking their courses in our college. We have a strong team of highly qualified faculty members, which has over 400 full-time & part-time teaching staff including 59 professors and associate professors.
We have been actively exploring new routes to develop higher vocational technical education and have established an educational ideology that calls on us to be rooted in the local district, serve Hunan Province, combine academic excellence with enterprises, strive to become first-classed. We fully understand that we have to survive by offering high-quality education programs, secure our position by meeting the social demands of productive talents and providing superior services and seek long-time progress by developing our distinctive features. We are devoted to turning our college into a first-class polytechnic in Hunan and a well-known one in China.

If you are interested, you could send your fine resume, copies of degrees, passport and general photos to Email address:





The Sample Contract


This appendix is made in a spirit of friendly cooperation by and between  HUNL  (Here after called Party A)
And             citizen with idendity number       (Here after called party B ) whereby Party A shall invite Party B for service as a foreign teacher on the terms and conditions stipulated as follows :
1.Term of Employment : the period of service is fixed for one year ,commencing on 2007 and ending on                                     2008 .                                      
2. Working hours : 18 hour weekly .
3. Salary: Party A shall pay Party B a monthly salary of  5500
Yuan RMB. Within the contracted period ,Party A shall grant Party
B  2200 Yuan RMB as traveling subsidy .And Party A shall offer Party B 100 Yuan RMB per month as telephone subsidy .If Party B have finished one year contract , Party A will offer Party B round air fare for Party B coming and going back to Party B’s home.
4.  Medical care :  Before his coming to work ,Party B shall present Party A a valid health certificate issued by a formal state hospital which should be approved by Chinese government . If Party B fails to do that ,or his issued certificate cannot get approved by  Chinese government , Part B shall go to an authorized hospital in Changsha for health certificate on his own expense . During his working period , Party B shall have medical care at his own expense If the medical care is over 2200 per year, but Party A will offer free service and nursing .
5. Accommodations : Party A shall provide Party B with a set of apartment in campus ,which including two rooms and a living room equipped with air-conditions , TV set , computer (Broad band on internet ), refrigerator ,washing machine and other living facilities . Party B shall keep well all the school –provided  property (including teaching and living equipment )and can’lend them to third party . If any damage of loss happened ,in additional to normal wear and tear Party B should bear the cost .
6 . Party B’s specific duty : Party B shall teach effectively oral English or other subjects for Party A or its branch school ,or ,completely following Party A’s arrangement in work ,meanwhile assisting Party A To organize some relevant activities such as English corner ,English club ,school’advertising for new students , etc .
7. Additional Requirement :
7.1 In holiday , Party B shall return to work as scheduled . Any delay shall be associate with salary reduction . If any unexpected and unavoidable reasons happen ,They should b reported to and discussed with Party A .
7.2 Within two weeks after Party B has started his teaching , Party B shall write a complete set of teaching –plan on basis of the putting into  practice . Part B shall organize students’s examinations in accordance with party A’requirement .
7.3  Party B shall observe the school rules and regulations , and attend the teaching punctually.
7.4  Within the contracted period, Part B is only authorized to take accommodations in the school-provided flat or in the hotel with foreign guest’receptions, otherwise any accidents concerned shall be borne by Party B himself in responsibility .
7.5 Party B may enjoy free visits within the city proper  of Changsha and Wangchen, but any cites beyond the area shall be reported to Party A’s foreign affairs office in advance and keep correspondence with them during the process.
7.6  Party B is authorized to drive only under the conditions that he has a license recognized in China . Should any accidents incurred from Party B’own driving happen Party A is not committed to bear any responsibility concerned ,and Party B should take faith in the justice and settlement made by Chinese traffic Dept .
7.7 Chinese government has made some regulations as to the contacts between foreign teachers and Chinese people ,“Foreign Experts are free to mix with Chinese people ,but at meals they can’be over-drinking on any occasions in order to secure their personal health and safety .”Party A has also some similar rules which say:Forerign teachers shall observe the school-stipulated timetable ,and if they arrange outside-campus activity at night ,they should come back into campus within the stipulated term. Special case should be pre-reported to gate guarding person . Party B shall comply himself with all the above-mentioned rules .
7.8 Foreign teachers shall carry work-visa and health-certificate before they commence their employment in China ,and the expense incurred from work-visa and health-certificate shall be paid by themselves . After the Foreign teachers have started the post, the expense involved into work-certificate and residence-permit shall be borne by the employer.
7.9 Once Foreign teacher is issued his personal residence-permit , he is authorized to stay in China within the valid date, and the mentioned date limit in his “Z” visa doesn’t work any longer . But if the teacher personally applies to leave China within the contracted term, he should go to the local public security bureau Exit and Entry section for once or multiple re-entry visa , and the expense incurred shall be borne by the teacher himself .
8. Leave of Absence: Party B may enjoy 7day’s sick leave with payment each year . Sick leave will be approved upon presentation of a medical doctor’s certificate . If a period of sickness exceeds 7 days , Party B shall be entitled to a salary reduced by 50% for the absence until his return to work . Party B may ask for leave in case he has some personal affairs to attend to . Accumulative total of leave of absence in a year should not exceed 7 days and a per day deduction from Party B’salary will be effected for absence .
9. Holidays : Within the school year of two semesters, Party B enjoy one-month holidays as scheduled by the school with payment , which is available at the end of the first month next semester .
10. The contract is made on top of the mutually signed governmental contract of            .Any problem not convert in this contract shall follow the terms in            Contract during its implementation .
11. Should any problem not convert in the contract arise during its implementation , it shall be settled through consultation by the two parties .
12. This contract is written in Chinese and in English , both texts being equally authentic.
13. This contract is effective from the date of endorsement .

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