Contact Infomation
School's ID   No.367 Views   920512
Type   college
City   Xianyang Province  Shannxi  
Contact Person   CCESL
Tel No.    0086-592-5934105 Fax No.   0086-592-5934105  
E-Mail   Postcode    361009
The Number of Hiring Foreign Expert Qualification Certificate   Yes
Basic Qualifications for Application
Sex   Both Age   under 60 years old  
Vacancy   3   Degree   Bachelor degree  
Specialty     Work Experience   2 years  
Nationality   native English speakers from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand  
Other Statements   A TEFL/TESOL certificate is required.  
Contract Terms
Salary  6000~6000 RMB   Time to teach  10 months  
Start Date  Sep.2016   Finish Date    
Period/week  16-20(50 minutes each) Period/W   Course  oral english  
Students' age  college students,the age is about 17-23   Paid Holiday   months/year  
Apartment  free and well furnished  
International Airfare  international one-way 6000rmb   Medical
Telephone Allowance     Traveling Allowance   RMB/Year  
 1.  Salary: 6000 RMB per month (excluding summer and winter holiday – 2 months);
2.  Accommodation:  A fully-furnished one bedroom apartment with living room, study, kitchen, bathroom and a balcony on the SXPI campus with electricity, gas, Internet, TV and other domestic appliances provided free of charge.
4.  Annual Travel allowance: 6000 RMB for one year duration;
5.  Annual Festival Awards: 1500 RMB for a complete year.
6.  Medical allowance: 2,000 RMB basic medical reimbursement for one year duration (not including fees for hospital registration, traffic, dentistry, face-lifting, health-care, massage, matching glasses, dinning in the hospital, non-treatment tonic medicines and doctor’s fees for a visit) .
7.  Annual Personal Accident Insurance is provided.
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Tel: 0086-592-5934105      Fax: 0086-592-5934105
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