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Type   university
City   Changsha Province  Hunan  
Contact Person   CCESL
Tel No.    0086-592-5934105 Fax No.   0086-592-5934105  
E-Mail   Postcode    361009
The Number of Hiring Foreign Expert Qualification Certificate   Yeah
Basic Qualifications for Application
Sex   Both Age   under 60 years old  
Vacancy   10   Degree   Bachelor degree  
Specialty   Education or English/lingustics   Work Experience   2 years  
Nationality   The candidates from the English native speaking countries, such as: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. TEFL or TOESL is a must  
Other Statements   B.A holder 6000rmb
MA holder 6500rmb (2-10 teaching experience),
7000rmb(over decade teaching experience)
7000rmb Ph.D degree.

Successful recommendation: Joshua Mercer ,Julie Kilborn,Mary & Bob Lee,Tony Bartko, Josh Mercer,Ian Armstrong,James Jacqueline
Contract Terms
Salary  6000~8000 RMB   Time to teach  10 months  
Start Date  Sep.2016   Finish Date    
Period/week  16-18(50 mins) Period/W   Course  Oral, Writing, Literature, the Survey of UK and USA  
Students' age  university students,the age is about 18-24   Paid Holiday  1 months/year  
Apartment  free and nice furnished as you can see from the photos  
International Airfare  international roundtrip   Medical
 free medical care  
Telephone Allowance   50 RMB/M   Traveling Allowance  2200 RMB/Year  
 It's located in downtown. Free  computers(for each foreign teacher),  free and furnished apt fixing the tub(two bedrooms, one living room),with internet access.

The school will only consider teachers who have less than 4 years in China, and who have no working experience in Changsha.
Brief Introdution


Brief Introduction

This university is a comprehensive university providing a wide range of programs in science, engineering, economics, management, literature, education and philosophy. It has 10 colleges that contain 22 departments and 19 sections for undergraduates. It now confers masters’ degrees in 59 disciplines and doctors’ degrees in 28 disciplines, which include 7 first-class disciplines and 9 state key disciplines. Post-doctoral research centers have been set up in 9 areas. At present this university has set up over 50 research groups including 3 State Key Laboratories and 3 Ministry-and-Commission-Level Key Laboratories. It is devotedly carrying out the national strategic policy of “State Development by Science and Education” and has formed a high-level, multi-type training system which is focused on training people with ability and aims to develop undergraduate education, graduate education and continuous education in perfect harmony promoting teaching, research and social services all together.

The university currently has over 20,000 students. It has over 2,000 full-time teachers and professional researchers, including over 300 full professors, 800 associate professors, 130 doctorate supervisors, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 13 of whom have been awarded the title of “National Middle-and-Young-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution to the Country”, and over 200 of whom receive the government’s special subsidies. The university also has 14 disciplines offering “the Changjiang River Program Awarding Scholars” for the posts of the specially appointed professors.

In recent years the university has improved its teaching and research facilities and public service system. It has 4 campuses which cover an area of 180 hectares and it has more than 1 million square meters of floor space, including over 300 thousand square meters of teaching and research space. It has a library holding over 2 million volumes of publications, a sports ground with 20 thousand seats and a fully-functional and modern gymnasium. Its high-speed information network on campus is connected with the national education net and internet and is the communication bridge between the university and the world.

It devotes much attention to international exchange and cooperation which has enhanced the university’s teaching and research. It has successively established close relations of academic exchanges and collaboration with over 100 universities, colleges and scientific research institutes in more than 40 countries and regions. Every year the university engages 8 to 10 long–term foreign culture and education experts and 10 to 12 foreign honorary professors or guest professors, invites 70 to 100 foreign well-known scholars for academic cooperation and exchange, holds 1-3 international academic meetings and sends abroad over 100 faculty members under various programs.





The Sample Contract




I. Party A            wishes to engage the service of Party B       as  English Teacher. The two parties, in a spirit of friendly cooperation, agree to sign this contract and pledge to fulfill conscientiously all the obligations stipulated in it.

Party B’s monthly salary shall be RMB__ _______ (before tax).

The term of this contract shall be from 1st,September,2014        to  10th,July,2015      , with the first month set as probation period.

Party B shall at all times observe the laws of China, the rules and regulations of the University and the terms of this contract; any willful infringement during the probationary period will be dealt with a written warning letter issued by Party A. Two such written warning letters will result in a termination of this contract without any salary. In such event, Party B shall be responsible for his/her own round-trip repatriation costs from his/her country to the university.


Ⅱ. Laws and Regulations

Party B should abide by the laws and decrees of the Chinese government, observe the relevant rules and regulations of the local government and Party A, respect the social and moral norms of China and not interfere in China’s internal affairs. Party B is banned from engaging in any activity that endangers the country’s security, harms the social public interests, or disturbs public order.

1.    The passport of Party B must be handed in to the local police station to check the residence permit at the appointed time each year. If necessary, Party B may be asked to hand in the passport to the entry department under certain special circumstance.

2.      If Party B plans to live at any Chinese resident’s home in the city, Party B or the Chinese resident should declare to the local police station with the passport of Party B to fill in the Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors within 24 hours. If residing in the countryside, Party B should declare his/her residence to the local sub-police station within 72 hours after arrival.

3.      Party B should observe Law of the People’s Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens. Any violation will result in serious consequences which Party B should bear by him or herself.

4.      The Chinese government adheres to the policy of freedom of religious beliefs and respects Party B’s religious beliefs. Nevertheless, Party B is forbidden to preach in class, distribute religious books or articles, proselytize, or organize underground religious groups. Any violation in this regard will result in the termination of the contract.


. Teaching

1. The teaching activities of Party B are jointly administered by the Educational Administrative section, the Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) and Party A. These three sections are responsible for the arrangement of the teaching schedule, management of the teaching activity and evaluation of the teaching quality of Party B. The evaluation is mainly based on the feedbacks of the expert panel members and students. Party B is required to follow the Teaching Syllabus, assessment criterion, and the teaching schedule. Tardiness, absence, or early dismissal will be unacceptable. The Expert Panel is authorized to audit the lectures and evaluate the performance of Party B.

2. Upon receiving the teaching schedule, Party B should formulate a teaching plan within the first week in accordance with the training goal and related requirements for students and submit the plan to DFL and Party A within the second week of teaching.

3. The contents of the work of Party B include lesson preparation, teaching, tutoring, extra-curricular activities and so on.

4. Party B is forbidden to reschedule classes or be absent from teaching without permission. If necessary, apply for approval from DFL or Party A directly. DFL will inform Party B about the changes of class due to vacation or other causes.

5. Party B generally is required to work 12-18 classroom hours per week.

6. Party B is not allowed to travel on week days unless in emergency. In case of emergency, Part B should ask for leave and put it in writing as soon as possible upon learning of the urgent matter.

7. Party B should pay attention to the behavior in classroom. Do not give lecture or hand out materials containing any content which would attack and harm any other countries or hurt the feelings of the peoples from the other countries.

8. Teaching is regularly scheduled on weekdays, but it may occasionally be scheduled on weekends or in the evening if it is necessary. In addition, teaching will possibly be rescheduled to weekends so as to extend a national holiday.


. Public Holidays and Medical Care

1. Party B has the same right as the university staff to enjoy Chinese legal holidays such as New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, International Labor Day, National Day and other statutory holidays.

2. Medical care for Party B will be provided by the university in accordance with China’s medical system. the university has its own hospital where Party B can receive free medical treatments, but the costs of food while in the hospital, registration fees, house calls, spectacles, dental treatment, massage, and non-medicinal nutritional products are to be paid by the patient.

3. Party B shall be entitled to thirty (30) days sick leave with regular salary, which must be certified by government approved hospitals. In the event of any expiry of 30-day sick leave, this contract will be terminated.


. International Air Tickets

1. Party A provides Party B working for one year with international air fare, which is paid by one of the following ways according to Party B’s choice:

Party A provides 10,000 RMB for Party B’s international air fare. Under this circumstance, Party B should not submit the copy of air tickets and related invoices to Party A.

Party A reimburses direct, economy roundtrip air tickets to and from China, the price of which should be confirmed by Party A beforehand. Under this circumstance, Party B should submit the copy of air tickets and related invoices to Party A. (Maximum: RMB14, 000)

2. Party A provides Party B working for less than one year with international air fare, which is paid by one of the following ways according to Party B’s choice:

Party A provides 5,000 RMB for Party B’s international air fare. Under this circumstance, Party B should not submit the copy of air tickets and related invoices to Party A.

Party A reimburses direct ,economy one way air ticket to or from China, the price of which should be confirmed by Party A beforehand. Under this circumstance, Party B should submit the copy of air ticket and related invoice to Party A. (Maximum: RMB7, 500)

3. Party A will not provide Party B working for less than six months with international air fare.


. Living and Accommodation 

1. Party A provides Party B with free housing complete with furniture and necessary facilities.

2. The gas in the apartments will be paid by Party B and provided in charge.

3. Party A provides free electricity of 400KWH/month600 KWH/month in January, February, July, September and December. Charges of the excess electricity will be withheld from the salaries of Party B monthly.

4. It is suggested that Party B should not house pets, such as dogs, cats and so on, in the apartment. If Party B insists on doing so, he or she must follow the procedures set by the Law of Animal’s Epidemic Prevention of the People’s Republic of China and ensure a healthy environment. Party B should bear all the responsibilities for the troubles arising from their pets.

5. Party B should keep the apartment tidy and clean. Party A will have a check every two weeks. If the apartment is found dirty, a cleaner will be hired to clean the apartment, and Party B should pay the cleaner. (About 50 Yuan RMB per hour)

6. In case Party B have some suggestions or troubles or difficulties in life, work or treatment, please consult and discuss directly with Party A or DFL without involving any outside parties.

7. Party B must leave the university within 2 weeks after the contract with the university expires. 

8. Without prior agreement, Party B is not allowed to engage in paid work. Once discovered, Party A will stop providing all employment benefits. Party B will bear all responsibilities for such actions (including fines or deportation). If Party B is deported, he or she should leave the university within five days after notification of deportation.

9. Please respect others’ work schedules and do not disturb others’ rest.  Do not play music loudly or create excessive noise during the noon hours or after 10:00 pm.

10. Party B is expected to return home before 11:00 pm. If Party B remains outside after 11:00 pm, Party B should ensure his or her own safety and bear all responsibilities for the action.

11. Party B should return the books and other teaching materials provided by the university before the expiration of the contract.

12. Party B will cover all the expenses for visas.

13. Without permission, any interviews with newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and any other medium are forbidden. Otherwise, Party B will bear all responsibilities for his or her actions and statements.

14. Party A provides a subsidy for the local telephone and internet charges of Party B, but the maximum from Party A is 50 Yuan RMB per month per person. Any amount exceeding this (50 Yuan), whether long distance calls or overseas calls, will be borne by Party B.

.Visitors, Overnight Absences and Travel

1. All visitors are asked to register at the guardhouse. Our staff and students are required to show their pictured ID cards issued by the university. Outside visitors are required to show their ID cards issued by the Public Security Bureau. The security guards have the right to decline those visitors without valid certificates. If Party B’s parents, spouses, or children come to visit, the application must be submitted for approval in advance for them to stay overnight. Other visitors are suggested to leave before 11:00 pm and should not stay overnight.

2. Please advise Party A beforehand if Party B plans to be off campus overnight.

3. If Party B’s friends invite Party B to have an outing or pay a visit, please keep Party A well informed for the sake of safety.

4. Please make a request at least two days in advance if Party B plans to travel during holidays or vacations. Please report to Party A the travel itinerary so that Party A can ascertain if those areas are open to foreigners.

5. If Party B stays outside overnight or leave the campus beyond a period of 24 hours, please notify Party A formally. Party B should maintain safety and bear all responsibilities for the actions. Please remember to close the doors and windows, turn off gas and electricity power, and remember to take necessary identification cards.

6. If Party B’s relatives or friends come to visit for an extended period, please inform Party A in advance. Only the spouse or relatives of Party B are permitted to live in the apartment for an extended duration.

7. Party B should take full responsibility for any troubles caused by his or her visitors. Party A is not responsible for theft or damage of the personal items, which may arise from the visitors.


. Transportation and Activities

1. Party A will provide transportation to pick up Party B at the airport when he/she arrives and drive him or her to the airport after the expiration of the contract.

2. Party A will provide a shuttle bus for Party B when Party B goes to work on campus 1 and campus 3.

3. Transportation will be provided by Party A to any activities it organizes for Party B.

4. For private purpose, Party B may travel by taxi or public bus at his or her own expense.

5. In case Party A organizes activities, such as spring outing, autumn outing, sports, recreational activities and banquets etc, Party A will inform Party B in time. Such activities are generally arranged during weekends or public holidays. If Party A’s plan conflicts with their private schedule, Party B are expected readjust their timetable. An active participation will be greatly appreciated.


. Revision, Cancellation and Termination of the Contract:

1. Revision of the contract. This contract can be revised with mutual consent. Before both parties have reached an agreement, the contract shall be strictly observed.

2. Cancellation of the contract. This contract can be canceled with mutual consent. Before both parties have reached an agreement, the contact shall be strictly observed.

3. Termination of the contract. This contract shall be terminated once it expires.


. Breach Penalty

1. When either party fails to fulfill any part or all of the obligations as stipulated in this contract, that is, in the event of breach of the contract, the said party shall pay a breach penalty of US$ 800 to 3000 or equivalent to 3 to 10 times Party B’s monthly salary in RMB.

2. When Party B claims to cancel this contract due to force majeure, it shall produce certifying documents issued by competent authorities; after the contract is cancelled with Party A’s consent, Party B shall bear the traveling expenses thus incurred; and when Party B fails to provide any valid reason to cancel this contract, it shall bear the traveling expenses thus incurred and pay the breach penalty to Party A as stipulated in this contract.

3. When Party A claims to cancel this contract due to force majeure, and the contract is thus cancelled with Party B consent, it shall bear Party B’s traveling expenses thus incurred; and when Party A fails to provide any valid reason to cancel this contract, it shall bear the traveling expenses thus incurred to Party B and pay the breach penalty to Party B as stipulated in this contract.


. This contract shall take effect upon being signed by both parties and shall be automatically terminated upon expiration. When either party requires signing a renewed contract, it shall forward its request to the other party 30 days prior to the expiration of this contract, and both parties shall sign the new contract through consultations and mutual consent.

Upon the expiration of this contract, Party B shall bear all the expenses incurred during his own stay in China.


. Settlement to Dispute

Any dispute in connection with this contract shall be first of all settled between both parties concerned through friendly consultation. In case no settlement can be reached through consultations or intermediation, both parties shall submit the said dispute for arbitration with local personnel authorities or the local labor arbitration system. In case either party refuses to accept the arbitration award, it may bring an action before the people’s court.


This contract is signed by both parties at                     (location) on this                (date), in the English language, and shall take effect upon being signed at the same time.



Party A:                                       Party B:

(Signature)                              (Signature)



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